Free SEO Tools That Come Highly Recommended


Free SEO Tools That Come Highly Recommended

The demand for search engine optimization is increasing these days and most of the online websites or new startups are searching for useful SEO tools that can increase website traffic. There is no shortage of SEO tools but the more effective tools are costly. It can be difficult to choose an SEO tool that suits your requirement. If you are small or a medium enterprise and have small marketing budget then you can choose more affordable SEO tools that are free of cost and can quickly optimize your website in a better manner. It is even a good idea to choose SEO in Melbourne that can provide reliable SEO and services. Below we have brought forth some free SEO tools to make a choice from and gain popularity in the online world.

Free SEO Tools


It is one of the most popular SEO tools used for keyword research. You can use this tool to conduct keyword research and figure out popular keywords. The site can thus be used for targeting your website content to the popular search engines across the world.


This is yet another crucial tool that can enhance your web content. It is one of the most famous tools used by content developers before publishing website content on the internet. It helps in keeping your web content free from plagiarism. One can check web content for plagiarism by paying a small subscription fee for each check.

Word2clean (Convert Word Documents To Clean HTML)

It is also another free tool used for creating a word document that is ready for publishing on the web. The formatting in traditional word tool can be easily converted into HTML using this simple and easy tool. Hence it makes easy for users to create files that can be published and used for marketing the company or content over web.


It is a simple visual tool that lets you pick the keywords in demand. It also helps you compare your choice of keywords with the other less popular keywords available on the web. With the help of this simple tool you can easily create valuable content online, and gain popularity in the eyes of the prospective online buyers.

Xenu Link Sleuth

With this tool, users can easily check links from and to the website and also analyze the broken links. It is a great link checking and building tool that builds in connectivity between different websites, and creates a network making it easy for customers to access.


Keywords, content and links are foundations of a successful SEO and if these things are not properly monitored, checked and corrected then your SEO strategy will not be successful. So if you don’t wish to spend big dollars into marketing or search engine optimization then the above mentioned tools are the right choice for you. Companies offering SEO in Melbourne can also be approached for affordable tools and services. MacZin internet marketing company is a one stop shot for all the web solutions that provides affordable tools and services, and can be approached for achieving effective results.

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