How Blog Marketing Improves SEO And Drives More Traffic


How Blog Marketing Improves SEO And Drives More Traffic

While there are many paid ways to increase your website’s SEO, blogs are a great way to improve website traffic for free. Using blogs provides valuable insight to your customers about your products or services, how to use them, as well as some helpful tips for ensuring their product is the best fit for them before they purchase.

But, more than a value-adding mechanism, blog marketing is also a fantastic way to cut through competitors strategies and rise through the ranks of Google. Here are just some reasons why.

More prominent use of keywords

Within a blog, you can repetitively use the most common keywords that are searched when consumers end up on your website. Integrating your best-performing keywords into your article will make your website easier for consumers to find, therefore boosting your online traffic. For example, if you are a photography business located in Melbourne, integrating “family photography in Melbourne’ throughout your blog can help you appear more prominently in search results.

Increasing the trustworthiness of your business

Consumer purchasing patterns and spending habits have changed dramatically over the past years. While all customers still love a discount or promotion, many are now more likely to purchase from a business that adds value to them. Writing blogs that are accessible and informative to all, and potentially informing repeat customers about them through direct emailing is a fantastic way to show that your business is not just concerned with profit. In effect, consumers come to trust your brand as you are providing them high value and are likely to return multiple times, either for more information, to make a booking, or to purchase a product.

While these are only two incredible ways that blog marketing can improve SEO and drive traffic, there is a mass of different benefits that it can have on businesses in all industries. At MacZin Digital marketing, we are passionate about implementing blog writing to help other businesses grow.

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