How To Drive More Traffic To Targeted Landing Pages


How To Drive More Traffic To Targeted Landing Pages

So, you have a landing page that has valuable information you want your future customers to see, but you don’t know how to drive them directly to this page. At the moment, you may be struggling to find ways to drive traffic to this page, especially when it feels like you've tried every strategy in the book. It can also be frustrating when the majority of your customers are bouncing off of your page after viewing the home page only.

Some great ways to improve the traffic to your targeted landing pages include:

Use location-based SEO

If you are a physical business of service, including your location in the content of your desired landing page can make your customers more likely to find it, especially if they are searching for similar services in their area. This strategy becomes even more effective as you develop more sites and locations as it ensures that consumers are finding the storefront that is closest and most convenient to them.

Create accessible links that are easy to navigate

If you want your consumers to follow a specific journey on your website, this needs to be clear to them. Making your desired landing page stand out more than others, through bolded text, underlines or even different coloured font can make your desired target market feel more inclined to view this page.

Use paid strategies where necessary

Growing your website traffic isn’t easy, especially if your website is relatively new compared to competitors. This becomes more complicated when you need your visitors to encounter a specific page to gain the relevant information that they need. Using paid Google Ads, social media advertising or implementing an email strategy that directly links to these desired websites can capture audiences who may not have previously diverted to the targeted landing page.

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