Why Google Isn’t Indexing Your Website and How We Can Help


Why Google Isn’t Indexing Your Website and How We Can Help

Google won't index your site. You're not alone. There are many potential issues that can prevent Google from indexing web pages,what to do if your site isn't mobile-friendly or you're having complex indexing issues. We've got the information you need. Find out how to fix these issues so that Google can start indexing your pages again.

The content is not yours.

Ah yes, duplicated content. The bread and butter of many internet publishers is the repackaging and duplication of content, often from other websites with the same niche or audience. Of course, search engines such as Google don’t appreciate this, and this will not help your site's SEO ranking from search engines such as Google, so be careful. This point goes for your own content as well. Repetition of the same information for every page of your website is not going to help you and your website's SEO. Keep the number of pages low and add unique content. We can help you create simple and creative as well as unique content for your website to remove this issue.

Keep It Simple.

Your website is most likely too complicated. Not only for your customers, clients, or potential audience, but also for SEO search engines. Hidden links, pages that aren’t accessible from your website’s homepage, these are the usual culprits. Keep it simple. A good rule of thumb is to keep any page within two clicks of access from your homepage.


The most common and widely used SEO strategy used around the internet is the use of overlinking. This is the process of linking your website pages through backlinks, including links to other pages and other websites through your content. A great rule of thumb is to not use more than one link for every one hundred words. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate it, and only link when you need to. At MacZin Digital Marketing, we specialise with SEO strategies for small businesses using the internet. We can fix all of these issues we outlined and more. Get in touch for a consultation.

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