Step By Step Guide To Creating Meta Descriptions For SEO


Step By Step Guide To Creating Meta Descriptions For SEO

Effective SEO strategy is one of the most important parts of online marketing, but meta tags and their impact are a little less talked about.They work from the back end to improve your website’s Google ranking, and while they don’t alteryour ranking directly, they do effect click through rate which does subsequently impact it.Sowith these 3 easy steps, you’ll be able to create your own meta descriptions to help bolster your website’s visibility, effectiveness, and ranking on Google.

Word choice

Any form of effective writing must be compelling, and meta descriptions are no different. Using targeted keywords are a necessity, however being too spammy with keywordswill negatively affect your ranking on Google, which is why you’ll want to have a quality over quantity mindset with keyword use. Putting yourself in the shoes of the searcher will also make it easier to find words that sit in the cross-section of what’s most relevant to your webpage and what your target market is looking for, as this is what will influence whether a searcher will click on your webpage.

Character Length

It is imperative that you keep your meta description under 155 characters. Any more than that and Google will automatically truncate your description, so you’ll want to aim for between 50 – 155 characters that are descriptive, efficient, and effective at attracting people to your website.

Structure and previewing

Sentence structure is just as important as word choice, so keeping in mind the flow and placement of specific information will help you see results from your meta descriptions. The searcher should understand everything in the first 50 – 130 characters, as they typically have already made their mind up by the time they read through to the tail end of the description. The optics of both the title, description, and any accompanying images matter, and so there are toolsavailable to let you see how the structure of everything looks together on various platforms. MacZin Digital Marketing specialises in SEO strategies and implementation. Book in a free consultation with us now to find out how you can drive your business further.

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