How to Build a High-Impact SEO Strategy for Your Business in 2022


How to Build a High-Impact SEO Strategy for Your Business in 2022

Let’s face it, business success is hard andcompetition is fierce which makes prominence a challenge for any business. So, why are some successful and overrun with customers whilst others remain obsolete? Because customers can’t use businesses that they’ve never seen or heard of which is whyvisibility and accessibility are trending asmajor priorities for all business owners in 2022. This is best achieved via a high-impact SEO strategy that ensures your business appears at the top of customer searches. If you are creating your own SEO strategy, here are some things that you can do to optimise your content and increase traffic to your website:

Vary Your Vocabulary

Computerised search engines categorise your business based on the key words used within your website. Buzz words and industry terms may be common enough to ensure your site lands in the correct category but do little to improve your business’ visibility. As such, research your target market and consider using a variety of terms that provide a balance between specificity and generalised content so that your business appears in a wide range of searches.

Foresee the Phrases

Think about how you use a search engine to locate information. Rarely do you type full sentences. Instead, you simplify and minimise which is exactly what your customers will do when they’re looking for your business so keep this in mind and consider how your content can replicate the searches your customers may perform so that it’s your site they find first.

Clarity is King

Customers aren’t commonly experts so it’s essential that your content is widely accessible and understood so that the potential of your business isn’t lost in translation. Because of this, do some research on how customers understand your industry so that the keywords and terms you use are relevant yet accessible for the masses. At MacZin Digital Marketing, we specialise in creating effective SEO strategies that will help your business grow. For more information, book in a free consultation with us.

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