Why Your Website Needs An SEO Check Today


Why Your Website Needs An SEO Check Today

When was the last time you checked your website’s SEO, otherwise known as performing an SEO audit? It isn’t a set and forget type of thing; SEO requires regular monitoring and adjustments. Why is that? Let’s explore why you need to do an SEO check today on your website.

Improve Your Website Speed

It’s always worth going over the loading time of your website, as this is one of the most important parts of giving your users a good experience. You might have had a fast website before, but did you check the loading time again after uploading new content? Probably not.

Regularly testing your website’s speed is important for your SEO, as Google prioritises sites that provide a good user experience. Common things that cause longer loading times include the server response time and the size of images on your site.

Eliminate Any Errors Or Redirects

You should have little to no 301 or 302 redirects on your website, and there shouldn’t be any 404 errors either. Redirects slow your site down, and 404 errors stop users exploring further. Regularly going over your site to find these will help you keep user disruption to a minimum.

Check Your Keywords For Relevancy

Keyword rankings can change at any moment, so what was once relevant and effective in a piece of content may not be anymore. Track your keywords and their volumes, and be sure to check them as part of your regular SEO audits of your site. This way you’re always ahead on top of the keyword game.

Find Any Dead Backlinks

Backlinking is great for boosting your website’s ranking, but only if the links work! Periodically checking that links are still alive will help you eliminate dead ones faster, improving user experience and your ranking with Google.

MacZin Digital Marketing Can Check Your SEO Today!

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or how to perform an SEO audit effectively, talk to the team here at MacZin Digital Marketing. We’re digital marketing experts, who will get your site up to speed and maintain your SEO to keep it at its peak.

Save yourself time and trouble by turning to the specialists for your SEO needs. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

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