Why Quality Content and SEO are the Power Couple of Marketing


Why Quality Content and SEO are the Power Couple of Marketing

If you’re performing great SEO on poor quality content, you’re not going to get results - all you’ll have done is wasted your time and effort. The same goes for if you have excellent content but poor (or no) SEO.

Here’s why, when you put them together, quality content and SEO are the power couple of digital marketing.

CTR is boosed with great quality content

Your click-through rate (CTR) is essentially the ratio of people who see your ad on Google and then click on it. The higher your CTR, the higher Google will rank your site. Using interesting, quality content to lure users into clicking your links will give you a boost to your search engine rankings.

You get more backlinks with quality content

Google’s algorithms use backlinks as another part of determining your site’s ranking. Backlinks are when high-authority websites link back to your content.

These backlinks need to be from quality websites to have an impact, which means your content must be of high quality to entice these site to link back to it.

Focusing on quality over quantity helps you use more relevant keywords

SEO is nothing without keywords - after all, if people weren’t searching for keywords, SEO wouldn’t have a reason to exist.

To appear in search engine results, and in a high enough spot to be noticed by users, your content needs to include phrases and keywords that users are searching for. The other benefit of quality writing is that it allows you to use these keywords and phrases in a more natural way, including longtail keywords, making your content more relevant and relatable.

The content you produce acts as an ambassador for your brand and fosters relationships with consumers

While your business may not be open 24/7, your website, social media, and other marketing content you’ve sent to your subscribers is accessible to your customers at all times. This means that your content needs to be of high quality in order to represent your brand in the best way.

When users search a query, you want your content to provide value and be relevant, so that they click through to your site and stay there to get the answers they’re seeking. You want your customers and prospective customers to know that you’re there for them, and will answer questions with informative, valuable content. This reflects well on your brand and keeps you in their minds.

Are you stuck with your SEO, or finding producing quality content puzzling? We can help!

At MacZin, we know what it takes with both SEO and content to get your business climbing up the search engine rankings. We know and keep up to speed with the current best practices for SEO so that your site and its content won’t get penalised.

If you want more time to focus on your business, especially during the uncertainty of COVID-19, then talk to the team here at MacZin Internet Marketing today.

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