Why Every Brand Needs To Have a Blog In 2020

Why Every Brand Needs To Have a Blog In 2020

Blogs are custom writings with a flair of a personal touch which humans are attracted to reading. By not being so fact based, and having a sense of humour or relatability to them or even adding images, blogs become much more enjoyable to read. Blogs essentially drive a reader to a brand’s website, and converts them into a paying customer.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a great website, with graphics, images, and being aesthetically pleasing is of course important, but useless if nobody can find it and access it.

The best way for a consumer to find your website is through search engines such as Google or Bing. By constantly updating your website with blogs that use new keywords, and long-tail keywords, you increase the chance of a consumer finding your website and ultimately entering it.

This eventually drives organic traffic and the more content you produce, and the more hits you make from the search engines, the more likely you will end up receiving your visitors to your brand website and thus advertising your brand without realising.

Customer Engagement

A blog is different to a normal article because a blog almost speaks to the audience. With the personal touch, and an anecdote here and there, the blog suddenly transforms its vibe and the reader feels as though they are being spoken to.

This allows for customer engagement and builds loyalty. With a blog you can ask your readers and customers to comment below, ask questions, or to provide feedback. This starts somewhat of a discussion and keeps the reader engaged on your website for longer, and probably more interested in your brand.

By engaging customers, you are also increasing allegiance and builds rapport with your consumers. It shows an element of caring from your end and you are more likely to gain a relationship with your customer.

Become Experts in your Brand’s Industry

Blogging is a good way to share your brand’s values and what exactly you do. If your brand is part of a particular industry, by having more blogs in relation to the industry, you will look like an expert in that particular field and will be more likely to draw more customers.

No matter how big or small your brand may be, just by posting blogs on important matters or topics to do with your industry, you will show your knowledge by providing expert opinions, discussions, and building confidence within your industry.

A Different Way of Writing to Advertising

We all know the pros and cons to advertising – however this is becoming mundane, and consumers are now quick to realise that this is just another advertising ploy.

With a blog, it takes the focus away from convincing the consumer to engage in your brand, or purchase your products, but engages them and almost subtly convinces them to learn more about your brand.

With blogs you can write about literally anything and everything including providing tips, easy hacks, or anything that may combat the consumer’s problem. This makes the reader realise that you care and you are building trust and goodwill with them, which makes your brand more memorable and more likely for the customer to choose you over another brand in the industry.

How to keep up with your blogging

If you are not sure how to effectively promote your business online by blogging, the team at MacZin Digital Marketing can help. We’ll come up with strategies and way to help you so that you can increase your search engine optimisation in no time!

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