Why Blogging is an Important Factor for SEO

Why Blogging is an Important Factor for SEO

A lot of businesses already have blogs on their websites, but every business should. Blogging regularly and with great contentprovides your company with many great benefits, some of which you might already know. It establishes trust with your customersand establishes your brand as experts or authorities in your relevant industry. It also provides you with an engaging way to share company news.

However, many businesses also neglect their blogs in favour of service pages and other SEO-related tasks, not realising that blogging is actually an important factor for SEO. Here’s what you should be including in your blogs, and how these things boostyour SEO rankings.

Regularly posting new content

You don’t make changes to the pages of your site very often, do you? It’s pretty common that at most, you might make a few tweaks here and there for SEO - but to really get noticed by search engines, you need to be posting unique content weekly. Your site will rank higher if it is updated often, and blogs are the easiest way to do so. It also means Google has more content to index.

Giving Google pages to index

As mentioned in the point above, you want to give Google new content and pages to index on a regular basis. Blogging is the simplest way to put fresh content on your site, and this fresh content makes you attractive to Google. When you have regularly have pages for Google to index, you will be put higher in the rankings and therefore should see more traffic.

Another opportunity to add images to your site

When you include images in your content, search engines have another way to discover you. It’s easy to improve your SEO and give your customers valuable information with images; name the file names with keywords, and include them in the alt-text as well. Alt-text is often overlooked, so give your business an advantage by filling out the alt-text on all your site’s images.

If you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on a powerful SEO boost

It might be overwhelming to start with, the idea of posting a blog to your website each week, but it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your SEO results. You don’t need to write 2,000 word essays each week; you just need to ensure your content is relevant and valuable so that it catches the attention of search engines and makes people want to read it.

Start planning out on a content calendar what topics you are going to write about and post each week. Coming up with blog topics isn’t as daunting as it sounds either. Think about questions you and your staff get asked often, what pain points your customers may have, or relevant industry news your visitors might be interested in. There are your topics!

You can also outsource your blog writing, just like you can with your SEO and other digital marketing services. Here at MacZin Digital Marketing, we’re the SEO experts and will gladly take your marketing and SEO off your hands. Get back to running your business and leave it to us.

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