What MacZin Digital Marketing Thinks About The Future Of Local Marketing

What MacZin Digital Marketing Thinks About The Future Of Local Marketing

Targeting consumers within your local area, especially if your business provides an intangible service, is vital to building your reputation amongst your most frequent consumers. Like traditional CRM strategies where a business sends follow up emails and communication to its previous customers, local marketing is essential for remaining prevalent in your community, long after the commodity of being a new business wears off. At MacZin Digital Marketing, we see immense power in local marketing and have the following foresight into its impact over the coming years.

Brand to customer interactions over social media will become the new way of communicating

Businesses are already using social media as a way to communicate special offers, limited-time products and more to their consumers. But We are now seeing more and more businesses also using it as a way to interact with their customers and build long-term relationships. Whether they are chatting to customers through messaging functions or responding to comments, brands have and will continue to become more reachable at all times of the day.

Online presence will only need to be tailored to relevant locations

Currently, when listing a product or service online, it is available on the entire internet and up to the brand’s marketer to make their website, social media platform and other digital strategies available to local consumers. As local marketing continues to grow, local marketers will have a stronger ability to only target relevant locations and avoid wasted spend. They will rely on local customers to spread word of mouth to travellers to the community and therefore spend less trying to reach customers who may have an interest in the product but a lack of desire to visit the area where it is located.

Mobile advertising will continue to grow

Now, more than ever, consumers are always on the go. Using proximity targeting to directly message those located near a business will substantially increase in popularity as this is a certified way to increase foot traffic.

If you need help planning for the future of local marketing, our team at MacZin Digital Marketing is always here to help. Contact us today to book your free strategy session.

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