Top three trends for digital marketing in 2021

Top three trends for digital marketing in 2021

No matter your industry, digital marketing trends are a thing that cannot be ignored. It is very rare now to find a business that does not have an online presence. The digital landscape is evolving so quickly that it can be hard to keep up, especially with new trends hitting the market every year.

In 2021 we are blessed with so many new technologies and tools that it forces us to keep up and adapt. If not, then you will be left behind.

Read on to see our top three trends in 2021.


I bet you are seeing chatbots on more and more websites these days. Chatbots are artificial intelligence software that acts as a virtual concierge communicating with users and assisting them with their needs. They interact with humans in a purely natural way and through text.

Over time the system collects more data insights and the artificial intelligence learns more about the customers that visit the website offering an ongoing improving service.

Chatbots have a few advantages to them – they are a 24-hour service, they provide instant responses to customer queries, and you do not have to pay them!

Research has also shown when people visit websites, they are looking for quick answers without have to speak to someone verbally and prefer to message an online chatbot. So, if you do not already have this on your website, get onto this today!


Now you may think Instagram is too old for 2021, but you are wrong. Instagram is a continuingly developing app that has increased users by the minute. It is also one of the social media apps that suffer the least criticism (given all the controversy with Facebook).

The meteoric rise has already passed one billion users and is rapidly growing. Although it was once known for the younger demographic, as Facebook is losing cohort due to its reputation, many “older” people are hopping onto Instagram.

Instagram is a great way to market, sell your product (especially if it is visually appealing), and give up to date content with the story function and unlimited posts that you can add.

Good Content

At the end of the day, no matter what trends are hitting the new social scene, good content is still key. Content marketing is an essential component of digital marketing and there is an increasing emphasis on nuance in content. Quality of content will ALWAYS matter. A way to get good content is to target. Google is developing a deeper and more sophisticated modelling of online content so that marketers must think carefully about their target market and how they can tailor content more precisely. By having the right words, having useful links, and well-written content, you are more likely to get more hits and therefore target the right audience. Remember; as trends come and go, content will always be there.

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