Top 5 Pay Per Click Trends that can Drive your Sales in 2021

Top 5 Pay Per Click Trends that can Drive your Sales in 2021

COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the search behaviour in the digital marketing industry. With a disruptive year 2020 in terms of search engine optimization, digital marketing industry is expected to witness some new changes and patterns in the search behaviour of the audience.

We have listed top 5 Pay Per Click tends that can drive your business sales in 2021:

1. PPC Automation

Automation will still continue to be one of the biggest trends for PPC advertising for 2021. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will be used to automate maximum tasks.

2. Voice Search for PPC Campaign

Voice Search will be a crucial part of PPC campaigns due to its rise in the last few years in the smartphones and all other smart devices. Using all the relevant keywords, the companies must optimise their PPC campaign for voice search.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence hasaffected greatly the marketing campaigns are conducted. AI will allow the PPC ads to be more effective and targeted. As AI focuses more on audience’s behaviour, it can create more targeted ads to reach the audience and improving the performance of the PPC ads.

4. Instagram will Become More Important

It is expected that Instagram will open more opportunities for the ad placements in the year 2021. It is expected the PPC ads to be optimised for Instagram as well to reach the audience sitting on the platform.

5. Clear and Effective Ad Message

It is expected that in the year 2021, the companies will be focussing more on the ad message they will be sending with their PPC ad campaigns. It is the message that connects the audience with the brands, and in the year 2021, the creatives are expected to focus more on creating meaningful messages with the ad campaigns.

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