The Beginners Guide To Understanding Backlinks


The Beginners Guide To Understanding Backlinks

If you’ve done any work with SEO for your business (and you definitely should be!) you’ve probably come across the term ‘backlinking’. Also known as ‘link building’, this is such a crucial part of helping your site rank highly.

For those of you who don’t know a whole lot (or anything) about backlinking, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide so that you’ll have an understanding of what this SEO practice is all about.

What Is A Backlink?

Backlinking is when someone posts a hyperlink on a site that leads to a page on your site. It’s also an important part of SEO for your website, as it can lead to your ranking on Google improving – which then leads to more traffic.

Basically, when Google finds a backlink to your page, it analyses it against certain factors that help determine whether the backlink is high quality or not – and therefore improves your ranking on Google.

What Makes A Backlink Successful?

You can’t just go around dropping links to your site on any comment section you find; successful backlinking takes much more effort than this, but the reward is well worth it.

We mentioned high quality backlinks in the previous section, and it’s important to remember that this means that there are also low quality links as well. These lower quality backlinks don’t have anywhere near as much of an effect on your ranking as high quality ones. A site that is relatively unknown and has minimal domain authority linking to your page results in a low quality backlink, for example.

For a backlink to be high quality, it should be:

● On a relevant site

● On a trustworthy site

● As close as possible to the keywords you’re trying to rank for

● Within the content, and in a place of importance such as near the beginning

● Placed on a site that has other high quality backlinks – but not too many.

Want To Know More About Backlinking? Get In Touch With MacZin Digital Marketing!

This is a very basic guide to backlinks, and if you’d like to learn more from a team of experts, or leave the backlinking process up to them, then we’re the ones to call!

MacZin Digital Marketing has years of experience in building high quality backlinks that improve search rankings and increase traffic. To help your business further utilise SEO for success, contact us today to find out more.

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