Ten Web Development Blogs You Must Read In 2016

Ten Web Development Blogs You Must Read In 2016

Only 43 days remaining and this year will end soon but every day is important and every day brings a new hope. Be it web development or any field, challenges are everywhere and hence hope is necessary to survive.

2016 might be the year with lots of updates in the web development industry but still there may be such things that web developers may not be aware of or may be these have forgotten. Hence, it is advisable to adopt a good habit of reading.

Updating yourself will make work easy for you. So, here we have mentioned top ten web development blogs that developers must read in order to keep themselves updated. Let’s begin and take a look at these:

Top Ten Blogs Of The Year:

  • HTML5 Doctor:

This blog covers various features and topics that any web developer might have missed while shifting from HTML to HTML5. It contains a helpful element called index which one must go through.

  • CSS Tricks

This blog serves as a perfect tutorial as it teaches the way web developers can add style to the pages (i.e. web pages). It includes videos and blogs that mainly highlight issues like as web performance, component development and merging CSS with other technologies such as HTML and JavaScript.

Use their snippets to get some ready to use CSS codes.

  • A List Apart:

This blog focuses mainly on User Experience and branding from business and design point of view. Blog posts available here will be useful at a certain level while working on the projects.

These are also useful for those who wish to understand in deep the philosophies of various development practices of frontend or server side development.

  • CodeVisually:

It is a directory that includes APIs, Libraries and other such solutions. Most of its resources are based on coding languages such as JavaScript & PHP and others apply on various frameworks, content management systems and also several browser extensions.

  • Search Engine RoundTable:

This blog is related to the development of SEO oriented apps and websites. It comprises of various technologies and marketing optimizations that any site administrator or web master can understand.

  • Speckyboy Design Magazine:

This is a web development blog related to design that includes CSS, JavaScript and UX design as well as other technologies. The articles available here showcase the business relationships between designers and users.

It also discusses about unique workflows which might be useful in prototyping and deployment cycles.

  • Oneextrapixel:

This blog is a Singapore based resource for developers and designers. It has its own articles which are written by various experienced web developers along with their credentials in order to prove their expertise.

It also publishes various tutorials, galleries as well as free resource collections.

  • Tutorialzine:

The name of this blog itself suggests what it’s all about. This mainly focuses on spotlights, handy libraries and templates. It includes blog posts on various subjects such as HTML5, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript or PHP.

You can select the topic of your interest or search for the one by mastering SQL queries.

  • Design Shack:

Want to know something about design culture? Then this is the blog for you. It is a complete package of unique Photoshop Actions, unique font resources, typography trends as well as other such website builder tutorials.

  • Five a Day’s:

This blog includes a wide range of topics which you may fail to find on other web development blogs. The topic consists of various subjects such as version control, crowd funding, database selection, code editor and other such modern workflows.

One can easily start learning about them here.


These blog posts will help you to become an advanced web developer. You can find information almost about any blog topic related to web development from among any of these blogs. Let us know in case we have missed any important web development blog to be listed here.

Don’t forget to share it and help those who are looking for some great information about website development Melbourne. Stay tuned to MacZin, for more such latest updates.

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