Search Engines Have Evolved. Here’s Why Your Content Needs To Evolve Too


Search Engines Have Evolved. Here’s Why Your Content Needs To Evolve Too

SEO and what is best practice changes constantly. Businesses who don’t utilise SEO, or don’t utilise it effectively, will quickly find themselves falling lower and lower in Google search’s rankings. In the last 10 years, things have changed incredibly. Search engines are much more sophisticated, able to link in not just text-based search but also voice and visual search, and know how to tell a genuinely useful site from one full of keyword stuffing and other dodgy practices. Here’s how search engines have evolved, and why your content needs to evolve too.

What SEO Is Like Now

As we stated above, search engines such as Google are starting to incorporate voice and visual search. This means that businesses can reach prospective customers in new and exciting ways, making their lives easier and securing more leads. It’s not enough to have basic content anymore. Your content must be useful, answer the person’s search query, and it must be easy to establish its credibility and trustworthiness.

How To Ensure Your Content Will Be Rated Well By Google

Here are the main things that Google looks for in order to deem your content as high-quality. Your content needs to be aligned with these principles to keep up with the evolution of search engines:

● Every page of your website must have a purpose, and that purpose must be simply to understand and figure out.
● Your content must have quality backlinks to help establish authoritativeness and credibility.
● Your content must be an appropriate length and be of high-quality – no grammar or spelling issues, no keyword-stuffing or overly long or short pages. It should be well-researched, engaging and interesting.
● Content must be relevant to and answer the search query it appears under. Your content could be fantastic, but if it’s irrelevant then it’s not appropriate and will affect your ranking.

Focus On Quality And Relevancy, Not Tactics

The simplest way to trigger the signals for a better search ranking is to create content that is like the list above. SEO marketing tactics such as keywords or including exact phrases are no longer as effective as they once were. Getting your landing page to appear under many different keywords that they aren’t relevant to will only hurt your site’s ranking, not help it. When you’re creating great content that helps people and answers their questions, you’re keeping up with the evolution of search engines. This also means creating exciting visual content, and content that is relevant to voice searches as well.

A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You With The Creation Of Excellent Content

Content creation can be tricky, and not every business owner has time to continually churn out high-quality, relevant content to improve their search engine rankings. That’s where MacZin Digital Marketing comes in.

We keep up with the search engine evolution, adapting our strategies and content we create to be as effective as possible for your business. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help your content evolve to keep you on top.

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