Recent Google Ads Campaign Changes You Need To Be Aware Of

Recent Google Ads Campaign Changes You Need To Be Aware Of

With more and more consumers prioritising the protection of their data, search engines, social media platforms and online website builders have had to make significant changes to ensure they are adhering to new laws and policies. As such, with the recent Google update, many changes have been implemented for advertisers to ensure they are not taking advantage of user data. Some changes you must be wary of as an advertiser include:

Changes to historical query data

Previously, user data was only displayed if it resulted in a click, meaning that users who directly showed interest in an ad could be strategically retargeted across multiple platforms. Beginning from the 9th of September, this data has been expanded to protect the privacy of users and now includes all user impressions as well. As of the 1st of February, 2022, this will take full effect and any data collected before the 1st September, 2020, that does not align with Google’s new privacy statement will be removed. Although this adds some data back into the previously limited report, it will broaden the available data, making it slightly more difficult to make direct inferences.

Improvements to the search terms report

Following on from the above, Google announced on the 9th September 2021 that they would be expanding their search terms report effective immediately. While historical data will be abolished, this improvement to the search terms report will allow advertisers to locate any search terms that created an impression for their ads, even if it did not generate a click. This will significantly assist advertisers in knowing the best terminology and most common search terms used to locate their brand. If you haven’t seen this rollout yet, it should take effect shortly.

At MacZin Digital Marketing, we understand that the rapid changes across search engines, particularly Google, can be difficult to keep up with. Our team specialises in understanding and acting on these changes immediately and is always happy to help.

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