A Perfect Guide To Link Quality, Link Penalties And Bad Links


A Perfect Guide To Link Quality, Link Penalties And Bad Links

Backlinks are created in different manners. Not all are useful and not all of them are harmful, each backlink has its own importance. Today, we will discuss about some of the important things related to these links such as link quality, link penalty and the main important what exactly are called backlinks.

Importance of Quality Link Building

So, Let’s Begin Our Journey And Start The Discussion:

What Determines The Link Quality?

We generally have heard various terms like as bad link, high quality link, low quality links etc. But what actually determines the quality of link is unknown, on what basis is the link quality determined is hardly known by anyone. Here, we are going to discuss those factors:

According to Google; any link that seems to manipulate PageRank or site ranking in Google’ssearch results is considered as a bad link or the one violating the Google’s webmaster guidelines. This seems to be a bit scary.

This may lead to a fear that whatever links you create to boost search rankings are actually violating Google guidelines but this is not true. There’s slight difference in the keywords.

Google says your links may be considered as spammy or may be a part of any link scheme. It doesn’t say your links are a part of any link scheme. Know the difference between these two sentences and you will know that actually we ourselves have assumed our links to be spammy.

90% of SEO professionals as well as website owners are always in doubt regarding their link quality. Now, here are some key points that will help you to develop high quality links:

  • Create high quality content.

  • Give links to that content editorially.

  • Links controlled editorially by the site are known as high quality links.

  • Links developed automatically without any editorial control are considered to be of bad quality.

So, what is an editorial link? This will be a question of many of our readers. To this, we can answer like this:

Editorial link refers to the one promoted by website owners. For instance, you have written a perfect content which contains very useful information, now this won’t be automatically taken by Google. We have to make it realize that quality content is available and this can be done by promoting it in various ways. Some of these are listed below:

  • Guest Blogging

  • Press release

  • Directory submissions

  • Blog commenting

  • Answering forum questions

Create unique content that gains popularity in natural manner.

Any link that is developed for getting traffic or for any PR purpose is considered to be Google safe. Avoid promoting your content at once on numerous sites. So, now you are very well aware as to how quality of links is determined.

Now, Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Google Link Penalties:

  1. Penalty for manual link spam: This type of penalty is applied when anyone from Google reviews the link and then applies penalty. Reasons for applying penalty can be as under:

    • Spam report by competitor

    • Something in your link profile is not as per algorithm

    • May be just a bad luck

  2. Algorithmic Link Spam penalty: This type of penalty is applied automatically by Google based on link profile. These are triggered by Google’s Penguin Filter.Any kind of Google penalty leads to significant drop in rankings or we can say in organic traffic. There are chances of the site being completely de-indexed. Hence it is advisable to avoid some link building tactics that can harm your site rankings. These are as follows:

    • Avoid links from spun content or blogs

    • Avoid spam comments

    • Avoid links from spam forum

    • Never use paid links that guarantee page ranks

    • Links from foreign sites

    • Never used scaled guest posting

    • Never get links from private blog networks

So, next time when you initiate link building process, make sure to refer this guide. For more such details and guidance, you can get in touch with one of the well known SEO service providers in Melbourne, MacZin.

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