Own An E-Commerce Store? Increase Your SEO With Our Top Three Tips


Own An E-Commerce Store? Increase Your SEO With Our Top Three Tips

If you own an online store, one of your main priorities is to increase traffic to your website in hopes that more visitors to your website will directly result in higher revenue and profits. However, with so many competitors on the market, locally, nationally and internationally, you must implement effective strategies to improve your SEO and, as a result, boost your online presence. Some tips we have for those looking to increase their SEO include:

Ensure your product descriptions are unique

It may feel tempting to copy and paste descriptions for similar products to save time. However, doing so can reduce your rankings on Google as the platform is known to penalise users who duplicate content. You must also remove any content that may closely mimic your competitors' products to see significant growth in your SEO.

Create dynamic meta descriptions for your products

Although a lengthy process, it is vital that your meta headings and descriptions all differ from one another. This is because Google favours websites that provide unique and detailed information to its consumers. Meta descriptions and headings must also contain specific detail about your products so that Google can best link this to customer queries and searches, as a result, helping you to appear more frequently in related searches.

Prioritise optimising your website’s speed

A website that responds quickly and does not have large delays when switching from page to page is favoured by Google as it is less likely to show high bounce rates. This is a simple, yet effective way to increase your SEO performance as Google will automatically promote websites that it can scan and analyse faster than ones that experience long load times. Compressing all imagery and videos that are used, reducing redirects and leveraging data caching are just some ways that you can increase this performance.

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