How Modern CSS Techniques Will Be Useful?


How Modern CSS Techniques Will Be Useful?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a technique used for web designing that allows web pages to be viewed on various devices used by various viewers for the purpose of web browsing.

This responsive web design uses only HTML and CSS format. Desktop, tablets, and smart-phones are various devices generally used for viewing websites. Every web page should have good appearance, clarity, and ease of handling regardless of the devised used by the viewer.

Need For Responsive Web Design:

Web page should be able to incorporate all the required information to fit all the necessary contents into the space available on any of the devices regardless of the size. Responsive web design with the help of CSS or HTML helps to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge or move the contents of any web page in order to have a clear view of the available screen space.

Modern CSS Techniques:

SASS is a CSS pre-processor which enables the designer to use generic styles with required presentational semantics and also helps to avoid repetitions.

SASS helps to create a bridge between the generic and module specific class names with the use of extends and mixins. This helps to generate a new HTML bases on the library of generic styles.

Use Of Extends Of Mixins? Which Is Better?:

Extends are preferable over mixins while describing the relation between an element and a placeholder. During the use of extends, the code order is based on the placeholder’s position. Extends cannot be placed within the media query until it is described to do so whereas for mixins, these can be placed inside any media query without declaring it in the media query.

SASS can be split into various files which are named as _reset, _variables, _mixins, _base, site, etc. The site file helps the designer to import various files and put into operation the bridge.

SASS Workflow:

The CSS should be assessed for refactoring while making a significant change or addition to a website which also helps to avoid the repetition. The advantage of using this SASS workflow is that it eases the process of refactoring and the details are obtained by the process of code organization. Various files contain only single SASS feature. Various mixins and variables can be added as per the website requirement.

The Mixin Categories:

Various mixins are categorized into various groups and are denoted by prefix. These various mixins are:

  • Structure s- : This mixin defines the grid framework or the website layout. This mixin helps us to define the label display as well as input elements onto the website.

  • Position p- : This mixin helps to decide the position for placement of the element on the website.

  • Component c- : This mixin plays an important role in creating the widget. It helps to design and set the various black and white parameters such as font, borders, etc.

  • Theme t- : This mixin helps the designer to define various color schemes in the elements.


Tooling helps the plug-in to incorporate following to the website during designing:

  • Check for the repetition in the include file, suggest for the new possible mixin and a suitable name for the same.

  • Check for the repetition in the variable file, suggest new variable id possible and give appropriate names to them.

  • Give various suggestions within the include files.

  • Does not allow the use of more than one type of mixin (component, theme, layout, etc).

  • Use of proper prefix to define the various elements.


Check and avoid the repetition of ideas within the source files.


Responsive web design can help to improve user experience. It helps to create a custom solution for a wide range of users having a varied range of devices. It is advisable to get along with ongoing trends. Expert web designers at MacZin; one of the reputed responsive web design melbourne firms will definitely lend a helping hand in case you wish to have a responsive website for your business.

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