How You Can Compete in Organic Search in 2020 and Beyond


How You Can Compete in Organic Search in 2020 and Beyond

When you search for something on Google, the results that appear under the ads are called ‘organic’. Google rates these pages on the content they contain, and the quality of that content.

Your site getting traffic from these links is what’s known as ‘organic search traffic’. This is a valuable form of SEO, as it can cost little to no money and gives you a big return on your investment.

Here’s how you can compete in organic search in 2020, and beyond.

Use different mediums for your content

You have a website and an account on at least one other social network, and you post excellent written content. This isn’t enough to remain competitive anymore, however. You need to keep up with the trends in what users are searching for and the type of content they are consuming.

Users are becoming more visual, so you need to be producing content that suits this trend. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. - these are platforms that your business can’t afford to miss out on. You will not only increase your organic search traffic, but you’ll be building your brand’s awareness as well.

Change your strategy to include new markets and audiences

Expanding who you target is another way to improve your competitiveness when it comes to organic search. Don’t just target anyone, of course, but do your research and see what other audiences are searching for similar (or the same) things and see how you can incorporate that into your site content.

The more people you reach, the more traffic you’ll get - and all organically!

Update your keyword strategy

The terms that people search for determine where (and if) your page ranks in Google’s search results. With the rise in voice searches, the way we utilise keywords changes too. Voice searches tend to be more casually phrased than written searches, which means that keyword phrasing needs to be updated as well. It needs to be less formal, and come out sounding more natural, like how someone would ask a question to another person.

Using one of the great keyword analytic tools around, it’s time to analyse your keywords and see which ones aren’t working for you, and how you can update your keyword strategy to include more popular search terms and phrases.

Technology and the way users search is always advancing - let us help your business keep up

It can take a lot of time and dedication, as well as a solid understanding of SEO, to be able to keep up with Google’s changing goalposts for search engine rankings. As a business owner, you may not have the time to keep up with this, or you simply may not know how. That’s where we come in.

Our digital marketing team stays current on the best SEO practices for organic searches, to bring you more traffic and more conversions, meaning more money in your pocket. To organise your consultation and to see how we can help your business in 2020 and beyond, get in touch with us now.

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