How You Can Achieve The Perfect Balance Between SEO And Amazing Website Design


How You Can Achieve The Perfect Balance Between SEO And Amazing Website Design

You can have the best looking website on the internet, but if you aren’t working on your SEO then virtually nobody will see it. The opposite is also true; great SEO but poor design will have people visiting your site and leaving it almost instantly.

The key to solving this dilemma is to achieve the perfect balance between SEO and amazing website design, and here’s how you can do just that.


This is one of the more difficult parts of a site to balance, and is often overlooked or not used to its full potential. Visitors must be able to navigate your website with ease, but it should be optimised for search engines as well.

This means ensuring your products and/or service categories, for example, are broken down into subcategories that search engines will identify as relevant to a user’s search, while still allowing a visitor to find what they’re looking for directly through your website.

Minimising Clutter

There’s such a thing as too much content; if it is full of keyword-stuffing, images with ridiculously large file sizes and no or irrelevant alt text, as well as other poor design elements, then you website needs to be de-cluttered.

Not only will this make it easy for search engines to search and ranking your page, it will make your site load faster, allow users to find the information they’re after quicker, and become much more appealing aesthetically.

Header Tags

You want eye-catching, good looking headers on your website to draw users to your content and keep them on your site, and that’s understandable. However, if you’re not utilising your H1 tag, you’re missing out on grabbing crucial search engine attention.

The good news is that you can use web fonts within your H1 and other heading tags, for an amazing design element that’s also SEO-friendly.

Trust Your Search Engine Optimisation And Web Design To The Experts

Finding the perfect balance between SEO and great website design isn’t as simple as this blog makes it sound. If you’re attempting to do it yourself, you’ll need to be an expert in both fields.

That’s why digital marketing agencies like MacZin Digital Marketing are the answer. We’ll create you the perfect website, with an appealing design and fully optimised for SEO to get your site ranking higher and bringing in more traffic.

Chat to us today about how we can help refresh your current site or build you one from scratch.

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