How Voice And Visual Search Are Changing The Face Of Digital Marketing

How Voice And Visual Search Are Changing The Face Of Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has contributed to incredible advances in how consumers interact with companies (and vice versa). Gone are the days when a simple Google text search was seen as revolutionary. AI has made a huge impact on how people research prospective purchases before making their decision, especially in the form of voice and visual searches. What are these new types of searches, and how exactly are they making such an impact on

the way we look at digital marketing?

What Is Voice Search?

Consumers have embraced voice commands on their phones and smart home devices, and are increasingly using voice search through these commands. Voice search is quickly outgrowing the traditional typed search, with nearly half of all adults using voice commands on their devices daily.

This means your SEO needs to be voice search-friendly as well. People usually talk differently than they type, so your keywords need to match the natural-sounding language and style of speech to get the attention of search engines.

What Is Visual Search?

When you think of revolutionary digital marketing trends, visual search is at the top of everyone’s list. It improves the experience of the user exponentially by taking advantage of the amazing AI technology currently available.

Essentially, what makes visual search so powerful is that it’s another way to make meaningful and useful connections with your audience, and can be adapted to a variety of industries. A user who wants to know what brand an item of clothing is, or what they can make with the ingredients in their fridge, can simply snap a photo and upload it to the visual search engine, and the answers will be returned to them. Text search requires at least some knowledge of what you’re searching about, otherwise, you may never get the result you’re after. Visual search solves this problem.

Businesses Can’t Afford Not To Keep Up With The Changes In Digital Marketing

Companies that stand above their competitors are those that adapt their SEO strategies to suit the current most successful digital marketing methods. If you want to utilise the power of voice and visual search for your business, but have no idea where to begin, the expert team at MacZin Digital Marketing can help. We’ll handle all areas of your digital marketing, making sure we get you the best results and keep you ahead of your competitors.

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