How To Boost Your Content Without Wasting Your Marketing Budget


How To Boost Your Content Without Wasting Your Marketing Budget

You might think you have to pay the big bucks to get your content seen by plenty of people, but

there are quite a few ways to boost the linkability of your work without spending a fortune.

Here are a few ways that you can get the reach and traffic you desire without wasting your

marketing budget

Professional Images Make A Big Impact

People can spot a stock image a mile away, and that often turns them off the content they’re looking

at. It shows that the writer and company aren’t as invested in creating great, on-brand content as

they should be.

Using apps like Canva allow anyone to create images and graphics that look professional, without

needing a background in design. You can alter templates to make designing your own graphics even


GIFS are also fantastic for a range of content, like ‘how to’ or ‘step-by-step’ articles. There is a range

of apps that make creating your own GIFS a breeze, too.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or inclination to design and create your own graphics,

freelancers are an inexpensive option that won’t blow your budget. Upwork, for example, is a

fantastic source for finding designers.

Add In Quotes From Professionals And Experts

When you have quotes from reputable sources, it gives your content a sense of legitimacy and

makes people more inclined to share and link to it.

It doesn’t usually take much time to find quotes that you can use, and it’s free! Look up experts in

the field you’re writing about, then search for relevant quotes to add in.

Find And Gather Your Own Statistics

Much like quotes from experts, statistics are an inexpensive (or free, depending on how you gather

the information) way to really bolster your content and legitimise it.

Backing up your opinions and content with figures that prove what you’re saying will ensure your

content is read and shared more than if it was purely an opinion piece without evidence.

There are sites such as SurveyMonkey that allow you to set up surveys and track the data, giving you

a market research opportunity that costs as little as $1.25USD for 200 responses.

Boosting Your Content Isn’t As Costly As You Think

We hope these tips have given you plenty to think about, and that you’ve come up with a plan to put

them into action. We’re sure you’ll see a huge difference in the reach, sharing and linking of your


If you’d rather talk to a digital marketing expert about putting some of this into practice for you, get

in touch with us today. We’ll save you time and help boost your content, without wasting your

marketing budget.

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