How does a mobile-friendly website affect search find?

How does a mobile-friendly website affect search find?

There is a new trend of making your website mobile-friendly, especially after the Google notification in 2014 and 2015. If the websites are not mobile-friendly, they have to face the strict measures laid down by Google and face a sharp fall in search findings. It is also necessary because more than 50% of the global traffic comes through mobile devices only. There are many other reasons how mobile-friendly websites are affecting the search findings for the website holders.

Significant Elements of Website SEO

Some of the significant elements that determine your website's ranking are the traffic that is being drawn by your website, their landing pages, and the ability to capture the new clicks. Therefore optimizing the website and its content comes a long way in improving the search engine result page (SERP). Since Google drives 94% of the organic search traffic, you cannot afford to ignore the guidelines and the shift that Google is making towards mobile-friendly optimization.

Google has also gone to the extent that they provide tools to check the extent of mobile friendly website your website is and tips as to how you can improve this optimization. As stated above that more than 50% of internet traffic is driven through mobile devices; therefore, it is understandable enough that you should also optimize your website to not only get better rankings but also to attract more traffic


Further, these rankings also depend on this optimization because mobile searches have from time to time shown that they land on the landing pages, i.e., they load the websites more quickly and also consume less internet, being the preferred choice. Mobile websites are also found to be much easier to navigate on smart devices. If it is not mobile-friendly, the icons and categories on the website shrink to such a small size that it renders your website challenging to operate, leading to less traffic and resulting in your rankings to fall in the list.

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