How Digital Marketing Can Drive Your Brick And Mortar Store Online


How Digital Marketing Can Drive Your Brick And Mortar Store Online

Businesses today need to have an online presence to ensure they can survive in this

technologically-advanced world. The way consumers research, review and buy products and services

has changed, Brick and mortar stores can engage in digital marketing strategies like the following to

drive their shops online, and experience the growth needed to stay competitive.

Use Facebook Ads To Target Customers In Your Area

Running ads on Facebook can help you reach a large number of prospective customers when you

take advantage of the option to tailor who and where your ads target. Use the postcode of your

store as one of the targeting options, so that those in your area will see it and be driven to your


Advertise In-Store Promotions And Events

Why should a consumer go to your store, when they could purchase the products they’re after

online? Show them why visiting your store benefits them; host and promote events like author talks,

giveaways, and special offers to encourage them to come to your store.

Share A Promotional Code On Your Website Or Social Media

Everyone loves a good deal, so offer an incentive to shop in-store by way of a promo code. Sharing a

promo code that is only valid on in-store purchases creates interest, and will bring more customers

into your shop. They don’t have to be large discounts, so the outlay will be minimal compared to the

returns you could see.

Motivate Customers To Leave Online Reviews

A business with little to no reviews on Google will often be by-passed by potential customers, so it’s

important to ensure you have as many (hopefully good) reviews online as possible. Whether you add

a link to leave a review of your store in marketing emails, on your receipts, or on flyers in store,

when you remind all of your customers to leave reviews you have a much higher chance of them

doing so, which improves your online presence and brings more people to your store.

Brick And Mortar Stores Need To Embrace Digital Marketing

Increasing foot traffic to your store is simple with digital marketing. If you aren’t sure how to

effectively promote your business online, the team at MacZin Digital Marketing can help. We’ll come

up with digital marketing strategies to boost your brick and mortar store in no time.

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