How an actionable digital marketing strategy can help your business grow in 2021

How an actionable digital marketing strategy can help your business grow in 2021

Covid-19 has forced the world to make a paradigm shift in business and marketing. Actionable digital marketing is the supreme leader in the marketing world. Connection, personalization, and outstanding customer experiences are major factors of B2B and B2C marketing in 2021.

The importance of voice search, Google going mobile-first and marketing automation are the trending actionable digital marketing strategies that no one is talking about.

PERSONALIZATION - Personalization is the most important aspect of marketing. The marketing and advertising campaigns which target individuals rather than the masses can adversely impact your leads, sales and conversions. 90% of U.S. consumers find marketing personalization attractive.

VIDEO MARKETING & SALES - Mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. While 78% of people watch videos weekly, 55% watch daily and 54% look forward to more and more video-based content. Videos can help you connect with the targeted audience in a more personalized way.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Search Engine Optimization is the essential content marketing strategy for 2021. Provide solutions using the relevant content. As a result, you will see a surge in brand awareness, retain customers, drive conversions, and remain focused on your targeted audience.

INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS - Amplify your customer experience by forming innovative partnerships with other businesses. When you build an association with a company that performs a complimentary service, you are in turn providing more value to your clients. Cross-promotion also builds a reputation.

FEATURED SNIPPETS - Gone are the days when it was easy to claim featured snippets and a SERP entry for marketers. As per the New Game of Google, position zero is position #1. It means that it is one of the 10 Google search results. The featured snippet position increases your brand recognition and attracts more traffic to your website.

These are the marketing trends that will surely come true. You need to be prepared for them. Now when you have the information take the step prior to your competitors. We at Maczin Digital make sure to get you ahead amongst the competitors. Hire Maczin Digital to implement actionable, quality digital marketing trends.

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