Hire Well Known Web Development Company To Have Best Results

Hire Well Known Web Development Company To Have Best Results

The term web development involves development of the website for internet and intranet. It majorly refers to the non-design part of the website building that includes the writing mark up and coding part.

Steps Involved In The Web Development:

Website Development

For building up a new website, the following steps have to be followed:

Understanding The Purpose And Goal:

The primary step in starting the website is to define why there is a need to create a website and understand what all will be the technical requirements for the same. Check out the website and gather information about design and performance of the website that would be incorporated therein.

Deciding The Budget:

Predefine the budget for website creation including funds for web designing, programming, web hostingand even maintenance.

Create Web Content Strategy:

Create a site blue print to define what all contents will appear on the website to provide information to the visitors like blog spot, documents buttons, videos, photo gallery, slideshow, etc.

Designing Of The Website:

Incorporate latest designs and trends to give a fresh look to the website. Include elements like share, vectors, illustrations, color variation, typography choice, header design, etc.

  • Proper use of images: Select image resolution such that they are clear and are readily loaded.

  • Concise text: Use of text along with image creates a greater impression. Select proper ‘Call to Action’, label the buttons, etc.

  • Finalize the content: Once all the design, tabs, and contents to be added to the website are selected, place them precisely on the website. Add fixed header, background image, and navigation menu and upload all the required documents, images, videos, soundtracks, slideshows, etc.

Testing Of The Website:

Go to the website and check the working of all the tabs and link, loading of the videos and images.

Tools used in creating website

Various drop-box powered hosting tools provide a quick and convenient method to develop a website.

  • Small Victories: It is a simple tool which connects to your drop-box creating a special folder. All files added to this folder like videos, images texts will directly appear on the website. This tool provides 9 themes which can be used to personalize the website.

  • Pancake: This tool is also based on the principle of dropping the files into drop-box to create a website.

  • Drop Pages: Developed in 2011, it works on the same principle. It contains 3 different folders for uploading texts, image and CSS and HTML files.

  • Site44: It has same working with the advantage of having faster response time and password protection.

  • Sitebox.io: It contains 3 themes and helps to review changes before uploading on site with a single click.

  • Cloud Cannon: A staging site can be set up during testing and once the site is ready; it can be pushed to live site.

  • PaperPlane: By pointing to the files in the drop-box with a paper plane; transform the asset into the website.

  • Synkee: This works in a different manner. Files saved in drop-box are edited and changes are synced to the website server. Deployment is carried out manually or automatically as per setting when the file is saved.

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