Four Sure Shot Ways To Get Google To Index Your New Website

Four Sure Shot Ways To Get Google To Index Your New Website

Need to direct more organic traffic towards your website? We appreciate your drive towards growing and expanding your business, but are you doing enough to get your website noticed in the first place?

Yes, before you plan on increasing your organic leads, you need a plan of action on how you can get your newly launched website to show up in the Google search results at all. Stuck on what your next step should be?

At MacZin Digital Marketing, we have compiled a list of the 4 definite steps that you shall follow to get your website successfully indexed by Google, and make the most out of it. Our sure shot strategies will not only allow your website to be discovered by Google, but also gain a better ranking in the Google Search Results and a growing number of organic leads.

Create and Submit a Sitemap to Google

An XML sitemap is one of the best ways to help search engines index your website. It contains a list of all the important pages on your website and is written in XML (extensible markup language) format which allows Google Crawlers to easily understand it.

Build Internal Links

Google crawler loves crawling from page to page through HTML links. Adding relevant branching pages to the most authoritative pages on your site is the best way of building internal links. What you need to remember while drafting your internal linking strategy is that the two pages you’re trying to interlink shall be related to each other in one way or the other.

Start Blogging

Blogs are a wonderful medium for bringing your website in the limelight and driving more traffic towards your business. Neil Patel, the SEO expert says, blogs are hardworking SEO machines. We can’t agree more. Crisp and engaging blogs not only build your brand’s reputation, but also generate more leads. When consumers enjoy reading your content, they tend to trust your brand and make an educated purchase.

Promote Your Website on Social Media

Your social media handles have the potential to skyrocket your brand’s value like no other! Social signals prompt Google Crawler to pay attention towards your website and rank your pages higher in the search results. What’s more? Interlinking your business’s Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, Facebook and Instagram handles with your website gives you an opportunity to drive more traffic towards your business.

Let MacZin Digital Marketing Help You Get Your Website Noticed

Have you recently launched a small business and want to get your website a strong online presence? It’s true you need to get noticed on the internet for gaining organic leads.

Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you get your new website indexed quicker.

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