How Directory Submissions Can Enhance Local Visibility?


How Directory Submissions Can Enhance Local Visibility?

The users constantly keep on surfing the search engines for locating the local businesses. Search engines like Google rank the business higher based on their location and relevance on proper specification. The search engine can classify the business results on the basis of their location. Various local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are available to attract many visitors to the website. The local business directories not only attract the visitors but also provide referral traffic to people checking through the listing.

Finding The Best Local Business Directories:

The best business website can be searched on the various directory lists or submission services. This process may sometimes lead to bad results due to following reasons:

  • These websites are often taken from the old outdated lists.
  • They may contain paid directories or reciprocal links.
  • Many of the websites may be broken, abandoned or may not be tested.
  • The website may be of no use with no backlink value.
  • The websites are filtered to remove websites which are not useful and keep only those who have real traffic values.

Alexa Ranking:

Alexa is a website which helps to rank the websites based on the number of visit to them. This website estimates the popularity of the website in a particular country or place. The business directory can be selected by filtering various business directories based on their Alexa ranking to select specified amount of directories. Using this Alexa ranking, we can search the top business directories in Melbourne.

Preparation Of Business Listing Information:

This step involves submission of information. Details necessary for submission are as follows:

  • Business listing titles
  • Email address for submission
  • Business contact email address
  • Business contact phone number
  • Social media links
  • Unique description of the business
  • Square logo image
  • Business-related images
  • Business ABN

Having all these details ready will help to make the process much faster.

Directory Submission Methods:

The submission of the directory can be done by an automatic or semi-automatic approach.

The automatic approach of submission of business listing is a quick method but the chances of failure or wrong output is more thus not preferred. The various directories are built on various platforms having different customizations and fields. Some methods have certain hidden fields which cause failure in submission resulting in incorrect information or some missing data.

The semi-automatic approach shows better results as compared to automatic. It contains an auto-complete tool which helps in process of submission and then allows manually to check all the fields before finalizing.

Tips For Directory Submission:

The tips that can be followed during directory submission are given as:

  • Avoid creation of duplicate listing by properly searching each directory for a business name or URL.
  • Use of consistent login details for easy follow-up.
  • Maki listing as complete as possible to maximize the value.
  • Create a unique listing by varying the titles and descriptions.
  • Use a dedicated email for receiving the confirmation and marketing emails to avoid mixing up with personal emails.
  • Expect a few phone calls from directories up selling a premium listing.
  • Keep a track of emails for confirmation.
  • Take reviews of the product or service from the customers on the directories to enhance your profile, referral traffic and back line value.

Conclusion: It’s profitable if your business is found easily when someone searches for any local business in your specified business category and for this, it is necessary that you must optimize your website pages to be easily visible in local search. Here are some tools to enhance your website visibility.

For this, you can take assistance from well known local SEO Melbourne Company where professionals are ready to help you out in each and every manner.

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