5 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO and Marketing to Combat the Coronavirus Impact


5 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO and  Marketing to Combat the Coronavirus Impact

COVID-19 is making a large impact on not only the way we live our lives but the economy as well. It’s a very worrying time, with no real end in sight, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t end.

Our recovery will come, and that includes the economic sector - so it’s important to not let the uncertainty of this time stop you from working on your marketing and SEO. When things recover, you don’t want to have fallen behind. You need to keep up and actively work to combat the Coronavirus impact.

Here are five ways that your business can work to fight back against COVID-19’s impact with their SEO and marketing.

1. Start making videos (and use ones you’ve already made)

Video content is only going to get bigger and bigger, and if you aren’t creating video content already then now is the perfect time to start. You get so many SEO benefits with this kind of content, such as starting to appear in YouTube search results, being able to target long-tail keywords in a natural way and generate featured snippets.

Videos also allow you to create other content from them, to boost your SEO even further. You can transcribe the video and embed it into a blog, use screenshots and post them on your social media, and use quotes as captions for your photos on Instagram.

2. Make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date

This often gets neglected, but your Google My Business profile, including the listing that is seen in search results, should be kept updated during this time. This is so important for your marketing because so many customers look to these listings for information about your business.

Things you should include in your profile are if your operating hours have changed due to the COVID-19 situation, and any special measures you’ve put in place to keep customers and staff safe.

3. Perform a mini content audit

You may not be an SEO expert, but this is something any business owner can do. Having an inventory of your content is incredibly useful, and doing a mini-audit will make sure your content is performing at its best.

Open up a new spreadsheet and list each type of content you have in their own tab, from webpages, blogs, ebooks and videos to externally-published articles and infographics.

Now’s the time to get critical, and analyse each item of content so that you can see what needs updating, such as adding new internal links for new services or products, adding or updating new content, and enhancing keywords and CTAs.

You should also be looking for content that you can reuse for other channels, which pieces have the most backlinks and shares on social media, and what content got the most on-site traffic.

4. Ensure all COVID-19 content is based on facts and evidence

This point is short and sweet, but it’s simple: if you’re going to be posting or sharing any Coronavirus-related content, be sure that it’s from official sources and has been thoroughly fact-checked. Don’t create posts that are not based on facts and evidence - otherwise, you’re spreading misinformation and being unhelpful.

5. Optimise your strategy for online reviews

This is something many businesses neglect but is so important for your marketing strategy. How a business replies to both good and bad reviews is part of what consumers look at when choosing a company.

Now is the perfect time to devise a strategy for replying to reviews, both current ones that haven’t been responded to, and future reviews. Think up a policy for your reviews, including how you plan to respond to negative ones.

MacZin Internet Marketing is still operating and ready to help your business through this tough time

The digital marketing experts at MacZin are dedicated to helping businesses survive online during this uncertain time. To mitigate the impact of Coronavirus on your business, we’ll help you optimise your SEO and marketing strategies to help you keep up despite the challenges the economy is facing.

Get in touch with us now to organise your free consultation and see what MacZin can do for you.

And, most importantly of all, be sure to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in this outbreak.

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