5 SEO And Marketing KPIs You Should Include In Your Business Strategy

5 SEO And Marketing KPIs You Should Include In Your Business Strategy

After you implement an SEO and marketing strategy, you must monitor it to search for areas of improvement and locate your strategy’s strengths. While not all results are vital, there are some key KPIs that you must look out for to ensure the success of your campaign. These include:

Return on investment

It can be difficult to track the direct return on investment from marketing campaigns and funding, especially if you are not an e-commerce platform. Analysing your statistics for an increase in traffic, contact us form submissions, and conversions can help you to understand the effectiveness of your implemented strategy.

Growth in organic visibility

Based on growth in organic impressions and reach which you can access from the Google Search Console, growth in organic activity means that your SEO strategy is effective as your page, or elements of it, become more visible to consumers. As your SEO strategy continues to grow and develop, success will be determined by an incremental increase in this growth.

Keyword rankings

Not the most important KPI of an SEO strategy, however, it is vital that you consistently reflect on your chosen keywords to see how they are ranking and performing on Google. This can help you to edit content pages and elements of your site so you use words that are more recognised by Google’s crawling processes.


One of the most vital SEO and marketing strategies, backlinking means to reference other parts of your website within your content blocks. Setting a KPI for the number of backlinks required per blog, page, testimonial or a new piece of content can ensure you have enough backlinks running across your site at all times.

Reducing your bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who leave your website after viewing one page only. Setting a target for your bounce rate and constantly working to lower this through more engaging and insightful content can help your page to perform better and become more visible to users.

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