5 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Holiday Sales

5 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Holiday Sales

Email is always an effective part of a company’s digital marketing strategy, and even more so during the holiday season. Out of all the digital marketing channels, email still generates the highest ROI, which means you can’t afford not to utilise it in your strategies.

It’s not too late to start creating a killer email marketing strategy to boost your holiday sales, and here are our top 5 tips for doing so.

1. Analyse Data From The Last Few Years

You’ve (hopefully!) already got a few holiday email campaigns under your belt from previous years, and the best way to see what resonated with your target audience and what didn’t is by analysing the data from those campaigns. This also gives you a chance to alter strategies that weren’t as successful and turn them into winners.

2. Make Sure Your Promotional Strategies Are Up To Scratch

It’s not enough to just send out one or two emails in the lead up to Christmas; you need to take advantage of all the key dates in the holiday season. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday were originally key American dates, Australian businesses have since jumped on board with ‘celebrating’ these days as another way to boost sales. Make sure your strategy covers dates like these.

3. Use Holiday Shopping Traffic To Grow Your Email List

Before and during the holiday season is a great chance to add to your consumer email list. Doing so also provides you with more opportunities for retargeting at other times of the year, boosting not only your holiday sales but your general sales too.

4. Highlight The Urgency Of Your Offers

This works all year round, but it’s especially crucial in the holiday period since people like to know that their deliveries will arrive before Christmas day, and don’t want to miss out on special deals.

You can then target your email campaigns to the products the consumer has bought, sending them relevant offers. Cashing in on the urgency of the holiday period will give your sales a big boost.

5. Make Your Subject Lines Suit The Holidays

If your subject line isn’t just right, your audience won’t even open your email. During the holidays, you can’t afford to have emails sit unopened, so working on your subject lines is a must.

Using the relevant seasonal emojis is a great way to grab a consumer’s attention, and this strategy can be adapted for use year-round as well. Just be careful to not overdo it, or it will have the opposite effect.

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Don’t let your business miss out on the increased revenue that effective holiday email marketing can provide. Maczin Digital Marketing can help you develop well-thought-out and relevant email marketing strategies and content, to give your holiday sales the boost you’ve been looking for. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

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