4 Things You Can Do Yourself to Get New Business Online on Google

4 Things You Can Do Yourself to Get New Business Online on Google

Throughout history, many businesses have made it a priority to attract new customers or clients in order to grow their business. However, unlike the past, today’s technology-governed society allows companies to garner new business online, through platforms such as Google.

So, what are 4 things that anyone can do right now to attract new business online on Google?

  1. Create a “Google My Business” account

Firstly, you can create a “Google My Business” account. The purpose of creating such an account is simple – when people search for your business on Google, they are more likely to actually find you. As a result, traffic to your website increases and business improves. In fact, businesses with a “Google My Business” account are 70% more likely to be visited by customers. You should also post many photos to your account, as businesses that do so have 35% more clicks to their websites, according to Google.

  1. Buy advertisements through Google AdWords

Advertisements have stood the test of time as effective means of promoting businesses to new customers. Therefore, there is no reason to think that advertising your business through Google AdWords will not drive new traffic to your business. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Use “Google Trends” to find the correct keywords you should be using

Using the correct keywords as part of your presence online is a foolproof method of attracting new customers. This is because such keywords improve your search ranking, meaning more people will be enticed to check out your site.

  1. Enhance the visibility of your business online

Google promotes businesses that have a vast online presence. This means that increasing your online presence will generate more new business, as more people are checking out your business for the first time. For instance, a few common places to register your business are Facebook, Yelp and Instagram (among many others).

If you still are not sure as to how you can get new business online on Google, our team here at MacZin Digital Marketing will be more than happy to help.

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