How Do Search Engines Work?

The way the search engines work is rather like a popularity contest. How do you determine what makes a popular website? The more popular the website, the higher it is going to rank in the search engines. We need to think of ways to make the website as popular as possible.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the art and science of making a website feature prominently in the search engines. If search engines love your website, chances are it is likely to appear higher up in the search results. The closer you are to the top of the results, the more visitors your site is likely to have.
So to put SEO in its simplest terms… SEO is engaging in specific techniques to make search engines love your website.

How Long Does SEO Take?

SEO is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. It’s a long term strategy. But that said, results can be seen in a very short period of time. Much depends on the competition within the industry as to how fast you can see the effects depends greatly on the competition within the industry. Generally speaking, you can see results on a 3 to 6 month basis.

How do I know if a backlink is good or bad for SEO?

Only dofollow backlinks will give you an SEO advantage. Nofollow backlinks can be great for increasing the exposure of your site and sending traffic, but they will not help you with SEO. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean nofollow backlinks ar bad.
The quality of a backlink can be determined by analyzing how reputable is the website linking to you. What also matters is that the content of the website is relevant to yours. If a well-known site links to you, the backlink will be good.
Keep in mind that there are numerous good websites you might have never heard of. Hence wh checking their SEO metrics is recommended. You can analyze the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, the number of external links, how often they update content, user’s engagement and more.

What's the difference between organic vs. paid results?

Not always. To rank high in Google, important to have high-quality content that provides value to your readers. However, this doesn’t mean that your success is guaranteed. There are other websites that could have content that’s at least as good as yours. Everyone wants to rank high in Google, but after all, backlinks will be the ones to make a difference.
The recipe for SE0 success is high-quality content and backlinks from authoritative domains. One without the other will not work.

Can I be penalized for linking to bad websites?

Yes, it’s possible to get a penalty for linking out to websites that are unrelated or sites that have a penalty. When you link to a website, Google looks at your link as an endorsement you make for that site. If you endorse websites that have SEO problems or they have an overall bad reputation, chances are you’ll get a penalty as well.
If you are not sure the website you are linking to is good, you should link using a rel nofollow attribute.

Is negative SEO a real threat?

Yes, unfortunately. Some competitors might use unethical ways to outrank you. Negative SEO is a common practice in competitive niches like insurance, payday loans, etc. To protect your website from such brutal attacks, you should always monitor the backlinks your website is getting. If you think someone if building bad backlinks to decrease your website value, you should quickly create a disavow report and submit it to Google.

Should I hire an SEO company that guarantees first place rankings?

No. Never! SEO is not an exact science and no one can guarantee that you will reach the first page or top three positions within a few weeks or months. Those that give such guarantees are scammers trying to take advantage of people with little SE0 knowledge.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Weeks, months or sometimes years. It depends on what niche your website is in, what resources you are allocating for SE0 and how good are the backlinks you are building.
A large and solid website could see results in a couple of weeks while a new website might have to wait months. SE0 is an ongoing process, and you are never “done”

Do internal links count as good links?

Yes. Best practices recommend creating a good internal linking structure for a better user experience. Google also counts these backlinks, even though they will not be as valuable as links from third party sites.

I'm buying backlinks, is it safe?

Buying backlinks is fine, as long as they are nofollow. If you are buying backlinks to improve your SEO, you might be penalized. Buying links to manipulate the search results is against Google’s guidelines.

Is there any guarantee of results ?

We can guarantee our efforts, but not results. In the world of SEO, guarantee is a speculative term and many SEO companies have been using this to get more business, but the bitter truth is neither them nor us have the control over search engine algorithms as it is a third party platform and hence offering guarantee will be nothing more than a dummy commitment. Do not fall into this trap if anyone has offered you a ranking guarantee in search engine.

Do I need to sign any contract with your company?

The answer is, not really! We don’t believe in bounding our clients with any sort of contract as we simply believe that quality work lasts longer than a contract. Hence, we prefer going by it.

What will be the process after I sign up ?

  • After sign up, you will be assigned a SEO Project Manager, who along with his team of minimum 3-4 experts will be working on your project. The SEO Project manager will have a quick word with you to make sure that things are on the same page.
  • His team will subsequently start with the review & competitor’s analysis.
  • Once completed, the SEO PM will then send you the most likely keywords to be optimized.
  • You can select the keywords to be optimized & then team starts working on it.

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