Why Your Content Site Strategy Needs To Be Updated Today


Why Your Content Site Strategy Needs To Be Updated Today

Most people believe that the more they publish, the higher their website will rise through the Google SEO ranks. While adding new pages, blogs and images is a great way to improve your value and offering, updating old, and potentially outdated content is a great way to get Google to crawl your site more often. Some other reasons regularly updating your website content strategy is vital are as follows.

Ensuring all keywords are correct

Naturally, as your business has grown and taken shape, likely, your keywords have slightly changed. Revising old content is a great way to certify that all published content makes use of consistent key phrases.

Certifying that your website is consistent with Google’s updates

With over 600 updates each year, Google and its algorithm are continuously changing. A strategy that may have worked, or been the most optimal when your website was first established may not hold this same credibility. For example, some updates have favoured shorter, snappy content, where others have favoured keyword-rich content.

Creating mobile-friendly data

Websites that were created before the prevalence of smartphones may have some mobile compatibility issues. Unclickable links, banners that cover important text and pages that do not optimise to the user’s screen size are all forms of incompatibility that may frustrate potential customers and ultimately increase your bounce rate.

Reducing Loading Times

Older content, specifically older files, are likely to be larger in file size, meaning that they will significantly slow down page loading times. As consumers demand that commerce, specifically e-commerce, becomes faster and more accessible, these aspects must be reviewed. At MacZin Digital Marketing, we know what it takes to ensure that your website content strategy is at its most effective. If you are looking for assistance with your digital marketing strategy, we are happy to help at any time.

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