SEO Tools Every Small-Business Owner Should Know


SEO Tools Every Small-Business Owner Should Know

In the rapidly changing SEO industry, it is next to impossible to stay updated, learn, and implement each of the SEO tools and strategies. The ideal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tolls can genuinely make a huge difference in the improvement as well as success of every small business owner. However, don't land yourself in trouble by using any wrong tools. Following are the proper SEO tools every small business owner should know.

Google Analytics - Google Analytics is one of the most powerful SEO tools that can be installed for free. It helps you in generating the report of which marketing campaigns are performing best, which are helping you generate best sales conversions and leads, the kind of content your targeted audience is looking for and so on.

Google My Business - Google My Business tool can also be installed for free. And it plays a vital role for every small and local business owner to create their business profiles and keep it updated. To help your business rank higher, it offers easy access to your contact information, location via Google Maps, and reviews posted by the visitors.

Google Search Console - Earlier known as Google Webmaster Tool, this free SEO tool starts sending you error alerts whenever Google comes across any inaccurate information on the site. You’ll also regularly receive statistical reports based on the number of keyword clicks, how many times the website appeared in search results, and click through rates.

Screaming Frog - Sort of an “SEO spider” that crawls through your website to look for broken links, and to make sure that the redirects are working properly. It also helps analyze data and find duplicate content and more. The free version is sufficient and a great start for most of the small businesses.

SEMrush - This paid SEO Plan requires a huge investment monthly, but the returns are worth the investment made. SEMrush is classified as an SEO multi tool because it helps perform several functions from keyword research to backlinks and traffic.

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