SEO Company Melbourne – Important SEO Ranking Factors


SEO Company Melbourne – Important SEO Ranking Factors

The digital marketing world is ever changing and hence, it is very important to keep yourself updated with the new updates. The ground focus of any business is to appear in the highest positions in the search engine rankings so as to attract clients and customers. To do so, it is the key is to get right local search which can be accomplished with the help of hiring an SEO company in Melbourne.

SEO Ranking is essential for every website to get noticed it from visitors. There are various factors which affect the SEO ranking.

Some Of The Important SEO Ranking Factors Are As Follows:


Content on any website is really important. It is should be rich and of high-quality. It must be written after conducting a deep research. Images used in the website pages should be of high quality. Videos can be added in the content and they should definitely be engaging. The content on any website should basically impart knowledge to the readers and teach something new every single time.

Page Titles:

Many times, website development teams forget to provide relevant page titles. This can affect the search engine page rankings and can have a negative impact as well. Sometimes, the web pages with substandard or low-quality content and long-tail keywords are ranked quite high. This is because their page titles are well-optimized. Page Title is a leading ranking factor.

Local Optimization:

It is very important just like the high-quality content. More than 80% of local searches result in the immediate purchase decision and in-store visits.

Page Layout And Navigation Structure:

Web pages need to be very responsive and should be built with UI/UX in mind so as that the website ranks higher in position. If this is not done, then the website ranking will suffer and your website will be dumped to the bottom of other sites.

Link Profile Clean-Ups:

It should be done on daily basis. Do not wait for the Google alert or warning for removing the unhealthy links. Spend few minutes to review the link profile every day.

Quality Backlinks:

The building of quality back-links is important for all websites. It should be noted that knowledge is always fruitful and strong networks can be built with the help of quality back-links.

Social Media:

With the era of social media, no one can escape this channel. Majority of people use one or the other social media channels. In this digital world, many people spend their time on the social media. Each social channel has its own filtering algorithms. These algorithms push the great content to the top and if it gets clicks, shares, views and back-links, then it’s definitely beneficial.

Removal Of Thin Content:

It is always great to perform an audit of your website’s pages. Remove or rewrite those pages which have thin content. This thin content serves no purpose and just link to other pages without giving any real information.

Robust Site Architecture:

After the first session of indexing your website page, the search engine crawls these web pages. The index is updated and saved after any changes or reviews made on the website pages. The search engine crawlers move rapidly between these web pages. So, always make sure that your website allows smooth movement of the crawlers.

There are many other factors that can influence the SEO search engine algorithms and rankings. But the most important factor is the definitely the high-quality rich content.


Adopt these factors and try to develop your SEO campaigns in such a way that all of these get included. In case you need any assistance then do get in touch with expert SEO professionals at one of the well-known SEO Company in Melbourne, MacZin.

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