How you can give your customer the right landing page experience


How you can give your customer the right landing page experience

A relevant landing page is a major and key component of running a PPC ad campaign. This is because the landing pages are the first point of contact with your brand. In the present-day business world, customer experience shapes and defines the future of your brand. Making a good landing page is no rocket science, but it does need some effort. Following are the ways by which you can make your landing page experience more relevant:

A KILLER HEADLINE - A headline should be the perfect blend of attention, interest, and understanding. The headline should grab the attention of the reader. It should tell the reader in brief about the product or service. It should be short, the recommended limit is 20 words.

PICTURES - Visual content is an essential component of effective landing pages. The brain processes images faster than text. The pictures should be large, of high quality and should be relevant to your product or service.

AN EXPLANATION - Your landing page be it in brief should make everything perfectly clear. The potential customer should be able to understand what the product or service is all about. If your product is simple, a headline and subheadline are all that is required.

MEDIUM OF CONTACT - Make it very clear on the landing page that your business is legit. The persuasive landing page should comprise a phone number, a physical address, an email address and a contact form. These help build trust and bridge the gap if any in the medium of conversion.

A WORD OF GUARANTEE - Customers look for a guarantee. Simply the word itself increases the chances of conversions. Choose the guarantee that works best for your business and state it on the landing page. With a writing guarantee, it does not mean you have to delve into the legalities.

Having a message matched landing page is a game-changer in the world of digital marketing. It is one strategy that improves the landing page conversions and boosts user experience. We, at MacZin Digital, can make your landing page user experience highly relevant.

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