How To Prioritize SEO Initiatives For Greater Business Impact


How To Prioritize SEO Initiatives For Greater Business Impact

Syncing the SEO initiatives with measurable business goals is a cumbersome process. The ever-changing Google algorithms and competition makes it difficult to stay focused and achieve impactful business outcomes. Whether you’re a marketing leader or SEO professional, this blog will equip you with the know-how to make effective SEO initiatives that deliver optimal results.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS - For the sake of improving your SEO strategy, competitive analysis is the process of evaluating your competitor. You need to analyze competitor’s organic search rankings, blog strategy, backlink profiles, and online reviews. Then take a deep jump into their social media, targeted audience, user experience, and differentiators.

KEYWORD RESEARCH AND TOPICS - Keyword research is the backbone of any solid SEO strategy. At the same time, it is also vital to create web pages and content based on what the audience is looking for. Proper keyword research and implementation can help deliver greater SEO return on investment.

ALIGNING WITH SEARCH INTENT - Search intent is one of the most vital aspects of keyword research because it takes into account google's search objectives. The main aim of Google is to provide the viewer with relevant content as quickly as possible. A keyword when misaligned with your content makes ranking impossible and traffic bounce.

BOOST SERP CTR - It is always recommended to differentiate your message in the SERP to boost your CTR. It will help you in two ways - one, it will help you rank on the first page of google, and two, it will help you rank well for searchers to click on your link. Both of them play a vital role to give a boost to your brand.

CONTENT SEO STRATEGY - High-quality content is one of the top three SEO ranking factors. A content strategy should be created around an SEO framework that impacts your key business initiatives. Strategic development of content involves four steps. Step 1: find opportunities, Step 2: Draft outline, Step 3: Edit and optimize, and Step 4: Rethink and refine.

For SEO Success, just set it and forget it theory never works. MacZin Digital will help continually optimize your site and help you earn higher ROI.

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