How To Optimise Your Google My Business Listing for Local SEO


How To Optimise Your Google My Business Listing for Local SEO

With so many businesses now operating digitally and through traditional brick and mortar retail styles, business owners must be strategic to ensure that their business is visible to the local community. Having a Google My Business account is a great first step, but utilising the following factors will make your business more visible to local consumers.

Ensure all of your data is correct

Most people will typically search using the ‘near me’ function, meaning that it is essential that your business data remains up to date. Having the correct information will certify that your company appears when consumers are looking for specific businesses in their proximity.

This data includes, but is not limited to your business name, location, operating hours, public holiday availability, website and phone number.

Include high-quality, high-resolution images in your listing

Google favours listings and links that gain traction and have a high click-through rate. Providing a behind the scenes introduction to your business through quick-loading photography means that people are more likely to click onto and engage with your listing, and as a result, help it to perform more favourably in future.

Use a phone number that is common in the local area

Specific postal codes and suburbs tend to have similar phone numbers. Using a number that matches your business’ location will help Google to identify its proximity to nearby consumers, making them more likely to come across your listing.

Asking for and responding to online reviews

If a customer has expressed their happiness to you, asking them for a review can encourage a large boost to your listing’s performance and certify the legitimacy of your business. Cyclically, acting on any Google reviews, whether positive or negative, will demonstrate to consumers that you appreciate their feedback, in effect making them more inclined to leave a review for your services.

The team at MacZin Digital Marketing is always here to help ensure that your Google My Business listing includes all of the correct information. Simply get in touch and we will have your listing optimised in no time.

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