How Google My Business Can Help You Make a Buzz Online About Your Business


How Google My Business Can Help You Make a Buzz Online About Your Business

By optimising your Google My Business account, you can create, verify and increase your business sales. Google My Business is a free internet based service designed to help all online businesses.

Businesses are able to manage how they present themselves online across Google, and make themselves more attractive to their audience.

Read on below to see how Google My Business can help your business!

You will Show up on Search Engine More

By setting up your business on Google My Business, you will set up your business to be found online. It will track your location and will put a pin on its map. Therefore when somebody searches for the type of your business near them, your business will be likely to pop up in the first page (provided you are near them).


Reviews should never be underestimated. They are the people’s number one influencer. Google My Business makes it easier for your customers to leave positive feedback.

With positive feedback, it will be a deciding factor for many people. When customers are not sure about what business to go to, and cannot be bothered trawling through the endless information and content on the website (that we work so tirelessly to create), reviews become the easiest and laziest option.

The more positive reviews, the likelihood of increased sales. If you do get negative reviews (which will be out of your control mostly), handle them in a professional manner. Use them to improve your product or service, which will ultimately advance your business.

Google My Business Provides you with Insight

Not only does Google My Business promote your product or service, but it also helps you understand your audience and market. It helps your create strategies in making decisions. This enables you to access statistics and insights.

From statistics on views, search queries, engagement (ie. What you audience is interacting with, and on what posts), and what links your audience is clicking on – you will get a better understanding of your audience and users and what exactly they are looking for.

It’s Free!

Google My Business is a free tool so even if you are a small start up, or a local business, you can use this. You can register and be verified in a matter of minutes to hours, and get started instantly.

If you are an online business, then you must use Google My Business to help and should be a necessity.

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