How Can We Know When SEO Causes Ranking Changes


How Can We Know When SEO Causes Ranking Changes

Imagine a situation where your rankings dropped dramatically and after doing some tweaks here and there, the rankings returned. What are the most likely reasons for your rankings to have dropped and returned? You might think that in SEO, a link builder may build links and ideally rankings can improve. But this is not so. The following factors can help you determine when SEO causes ranking changes.

RECENT WEBSITE CHANGES - Large changes to a website results in a drop in rankings. If you have migrated a bunch of pages, or rolled out a new design, or changed the content, you’ll see a tremendous change in rankings. This is all-natural, but you should worry only when the rankings don't return to the previous stats.

GOOGLE ALGORITHM UPDATE - Google Algorithms undergo change every now and then. While some changes are small and barely noticeable, there are changes that are huge and can either make or break the business. Rankings drop due to Google Algorithm but it does not always happen instantaneously.

GOOGLE SERP UPDATE - Not every Google update is about a change in the Algorithm. It can also be about a change in search engine result pages (SERP) layout by adding other elements which can either push down your snippet or rank it higher. Always mimic searcher behavior and look at what the SERP returns for the queries you're targeting.

DISAVOWED VALUABLE BACKLINKS - Disavowing spammy backlinks can have a negative impact on your SEO performance. Often we disavow spammy backlinks thinking that they are not at all useful or might hurt our website. But until and unless there’s malicious intent, you won’t have to. Because these links are already blacklisted and owe a penalty.

CHANGE IN SEARCH INTENT - Sometimes, Google may decide to change its idea on the intent based on the search query. This also changes the website's rankings which are relevant. In the pandemic time, search intent has undergone a tremendous change, which has directly or indirectly affected the rankings.

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