Future of Website Design – Know it From MacZin Digital Marketing


Future of Website Design – Know it From MacZin Digital Marketing

Web design is constantly progressing through trends and changes. The digital environment is a daily enhancing and developing, and it will take unexpected turns.

Keep reading to see our predictions of some evolutionary changes that you can expect for website design.

3D Visuals

Although 3D visuals are already a big part of website designs, the system upgrades needed to make a virtual reality, an actual relation is too far-fetched, nevertheless we see it happening.

Until that stage however we think immersive 3D graphics will take over. This will enhance the user’s physical and digital experience with captivating visuals.

Voice Interface

A user will be able to use a simple voice command to get their results. although we are already seeing this through Siri and Alexa, webpages will be next to follow.

The layout process and the content will be soon voice activated eliminating FAQs and long tail keywords, breaking the traditional webpage service.

Pageless Webpages

Instead of having multiple pages, the website is a one page endless scroll. It is almost like your Instagram or Facebook feed which are known for their engaging UI.

With only one page, the web designer will look at quicker speeds, auto-responsive websites and better structure. We have already seen some websites adapting to this new approach.

Data Science Integration
Website design will build on the influx of data that it received by applying analytical tools and adaptions to the environments. The variation would be similar to the mobile response wave. This would mean that data scientists and web designers would work together allowing them to collaborate and communicate in unison.
The digital technology world is fast-paced and dynamic. The future of website design will become completely user-orientated. If you are thinking of upgrading your website design to the future, get in touch with MacZin Digital to see how we can help transform your digital dreams into reality.

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