Five Top marketing tips for your healthcare business by MacZin Digital Marketing

Five Top marketing tips for your healthcare business by MacZin Digital Marketing

Although your traditional marketing tips can be used in your healthcare business, there are certain ways that your healthcare business can stand apart. This is reliant on your user base which are people who seek information when it’s urgent, therefore the information would need to be clear and easy to find.

Therefore your healthcare marketing strategy should be very targeted to provide potential new patients with the information that they seek.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is one of the most effective tools for marketing. This can increase the amount and quality of your traffic on your business website by placing you higher in search results due to relevancy. SEO is important for a healthcare business especially since users are often searching for a specific type of healthcare.

Make sure your business has a sold SEO strategy in place and critical to make sure that your business will rank high on the page where patients will see it.

Remember, it doesn’t matter who great the information on your website is, if people cannot see it to access, your services may not be of use in the online presence.

Contact MacZin Digital Marketing to help you maximise your SEO strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy

Potential patients want information and are looking for content that will help them make the right choices. More than likely this would be urgent, and a complicated condition or procedure which they will need more information on.

See yourself as an education provider, and make sure your data is relevant, information, and easy to understand. Also make the content personable. This could be done by video marketing. By having a human explain the process to you, it humanises the condition or procedure, and can have powerful advantages for healthcare companies and their users.

Your content should also contain an informative FAQs page. Keep it as a dynamic part of your marketing strategy. Update it frequently, make it an easy to search page, and reference it on other pages of your website so that users feel as they have a one stop shop for their questions.


No matter your business, but especially in healthcare, your staff are the heart of your operations. Include a separate page introducing your staff to the users to personalise the experience to them. Boast their abilities and prove their qualifications.

Ideally each staff member will have their own page with a bio of not only their achievements but their hobbies and interests. Videos will also help make the experience more personable, and create a feeling of familiarity before the patient even walks into the door of your business.

Make Your Website Easy

At the end of the day the user wants to visit your business, not sit hours on hours on your website. Therefore make your website welcoming, personable, and easy to navigate.

A professional, well-designe website that is information, attractive and efficient will say a lot about your business. It builds confidence in your users and should be enough to make a user feel confident to make an appointment. List your services clearly, and use hyperlinks that let the user move to different parts of your website easily.

Keep it clean and organised. MacZin Digital Marketing can help with stylising your website to keep it welcoming, relevant and modern.

Device Friendly

Finally, make sure your website is optimised to perform well on all types of devices including mobile phones to tablets to desktops. Remember that the patients are normally wanting urgent information, so will use whatever device available to them to search for your business.

If a potential patient cannot access your website form their chosen device, chances are that they will not bother with the website, and will move on to another website.

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