Common Pitfalls To Avoid While Designing Your Keyword Strategy


Common Pitfalls To Avoid While Designing Your Keyword Strategy

Although it sounds simple to devise, a keyword strategy is a complex digital marketing tool that can make or break your website’s performance in regards to SEO. A common mistake undergone by many first-time keyword strategists is the idea that more equals more, however, this can actually have the adverse effect and conclusively, reduce your brand’s online visibility. Some key pitfalls to avoid when designing your keyword strategy include:

Exact Keyword Matching

In the past, through the first years of Google’s keyword strategy, exactly matching what people would search to the most common terms and links on your website was vital. Though, as Google has become more advanced, it can also show your website when similar phrases or words are searched. While exact keyword matching will not directly disappoint your website’s performance on Google, it can make for very repetitive sounding content that dramatically increases your bounce rate.

Keyword Stuffing

Using keywords in every single sentence, especially when they are not necessary, or reworking paragraphs and phrases to contain keywords can delineate your SEO strategy. Keyword stuffing is considered a form of Black hat SEO (a strategy that violates a search engine’s terms of service), meaning that utilising it will quickly cause your site to lose its value and credibility.

Buying Backlinks

Much like keyword stuffing, buying backlinks is against Google’s terms of service and can lead to tough reparations, including the shutdown of your site that you worked so hard to push through the ranks. While creating a sustainable chain of backlinks is a long process, doing so correctly, rather than skipping steps, will see monumental results for your SEO.

If you need help understanding the key pitfalls when designing an SEO strategy, so you do not accidentally fall down the wrong path, our team at MacZin Digital Marketing is always here to help. Contact us or book your free strategy session today to get started.

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