Basics of Local SEO and Understanding of Google in SEO Strategy


SEO is a term that everyone is aware of especially those who are working in the internet marketing field. Well, this term is something that when searched in deeply has lots of things that every one possessing a website must know.

Among these, we must know how Google tackles and considers SEO. Let’s begin:

Working Of Google:

All the search engines including Google follow links from one web page to another. It consists of a crawler, an index, and an algorithm. The crawler follows several links on the web. Google index is nothing but an HTML version of all web pages which are saved by the crawler in its gigantic database. The crawler saves information 24 hours a week from around the internet.

Google crawler visits the website and updates the index. It saves the new version of a web page once it finds new or revised web pages. Depending on the amount of changes made on the website or on the website traffic; Google crawler visits the website accordingly.

Firstly, your website has to be linked from another site which is already in the index. This helps Google to know the existence of your website. Once the crawler follows that link, it will automatically link and follow your website for the very first time and your website will be saved in the index. After this first crawler session, your website could appear in the search results of Google.

Google’s Algorithm:

With these indexed web pages, search engine giant Google tries to match definite search query and to do so it has a specific algorithm. This algorithm decides the order in which web pages are to be shown. The algorithm changes regularly and is not static. Working of the algorithm and the factors by which the algorithms are affected are still the big secret.

Google Search Results:

It is also called as a SERP. It displays 7 or 10 links to the websites which match your search keywords. These links are the best fit as per Google. These results are referred as the organic search results. More results can be found on the next pages.

Generally, people search up to the second page of the Google’s result page. If your website is not linked in the first two pages or further pages, chances of finding your website by the traffic reduces.

In majority of the cases, above 10 links on the first page of search results are paid ones. These links are usually advertisements. These paid links are available at the top of the website. When people search for certain term, these advertisements can be found at the top of the website. Prices for these advertisements differ and are dependent on the competitiveness of the search word or term.

Link Values for Google and Search Engines:

The number of links directing to a web page determines the importance of that page. Hence, more links the website has, search engines considers it more important. In the Google’s web page ranking, both the internal links and external links play an important role.

Internal links are those which come from the same website and the external are those which come from other websites. For the best SEO strategy, link building is very important. It should be noted that only useful and logical links are helpful in the active link building. Wrong and shady links can lower your website’s search engine ranking.

Connection between SEO and Google:

In order to make website appear in high or top positions in the organic search results, SEO plays a crucial role. It tries to shape your website as per the Google’s algorithm. Although this algorithm is a big secret, SEO has resulted in a positive way and has given some idea about the important factors. So, a good SEO strategy is very important to fetch the traffic towards your website and this eventually can lead to more profits in the business.

Conclusion: Willing to frame a SEO strategy as per Google’s algorithm get in touch with well known SEO Professionals at MacZin; well known local seo melbourne firm that can analyze your website and try to make necessary changes as per the need.

Framing your website as per the algorithm can lead to better traffic results. Stay tuned for more such in depth SEO details.

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