5 Tips On Using Enterprise SEO To Strengthen Your Traditional Marketing Strategy


5 Tips On Using Enterprise SEO To Strengthen Your Traditional Marketing Strategy

Enterprise SEO can be best defined as a set of search engine optimization strategies that aim at improving the presence of a large enterprise organically. This type of SEO is carried out on huge websites which consists of several thousand pages. When it comes to keywords, the focus is laid on highly competitive, short-tail keywords. Following are the 5 tips to follow when using enterprise SEO to strengthen the traditional marketing strategy.

KEYWORD SELECTION - Enterprise SEO is based on keyword selection. The keyword selection should be solely based on searchers’ intent. From generic keywords to non branded keywords, and to branded keywords to transactional keywords - all play a vital role when it comes to strengthening traditional marketing using Enterprise SEO.

AUTOMATION - Marketing automation tends to drive a 14.5% increase in sales productivity. When companies make a paradigm shift towards automation, they are able to save a lot of time and carry out other SEO tasks such as keyword research, monitoring backlinks and so on hassle-free. Companies that adopt automation, enjoy reduces marketing overheads.

OPTIMIZED TEMPLATES - Templates form the backbone of every enterprise websites. When you have hundreds of pages on your site, coding becomes next to impossible. That is where the templates make the work a lot easier. Therefore, choose templates that are responsive. Make sure that all of them are optimized for speed.

QUALITY CONTENT CREATION - SEO Copywriting plays a vital role. SEO friendly content provides the search engine with updated, informative, complete and accurate information. Such content also significantly increases your chances of ranking on the top in SERPs.

OPTIMIZE FOR VOICE & VISUAL SEARCH - When the website and the keywords are optimized for voice and visual search, they provide a great opportunity for enterprise SEOs to reach out to a wide range of targeted audience and boost their online presence.

We at MacZin Digital use a strategic approach with large companies to help them rank higher in search results. Doing enterprise SEO for websites is not an easy task. It needs a lot of planning, efforts and hard work to rank in Google SERPs.

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