How You Can Update Your Published Blogs To Improve Your SEO Score


 How You Can Update Your Published Blogs To Improve Your SEO Score

How You Can Leverage Blogging To Drive Your SEO Score

Posting regular blogs and relevant content on your website provides your business with a plethora of great benefits. Blogs help you establish your brand image, engage with your readers and skyrocket your rankings on Google like no other tool can.

A lot of businesses already have blogs on their websites. You might be one of them too, but are you using your blogs to their full advantage? If you're not satisfied with your search engine traffic, then your blogs are definitely not working for you!

Here's what you can do to maximize the potential of your blogs and boost your website's overall SEO rankings: Update your old content in the following 4 steps.

Rewrite the Blog Title to Make It More SEO Friendly

Your blog headline or H1 tag is one of the most significant elements that drive your SEO score. However, there are a few key points that you need to follow for optimizing your headlines.

These include:

  • Headlines should be determined by a definite word count of 6 to 8 words.
  • The H1 tags need to have a focal or long tail keyword that the blog is based around
  • Your blog should have only one H1 tag with a noticeable font size.


Our digital marketing experts at Maczin have often noticed people using lengthy blog titles that in turn complicate their content and negatively impact their search ranking. This is why we suggest you to shorten your blog titles while optimising your content. Believe us, even the slightest increase in the ranking of your blogs can make a huge difference in your search results.

Add Alt Text, Meta Descriptions and Captions to the Images You Use

Optimizing your blog for SEO requires much more than just editing your blog's title. Your images need special attention too.

Everytime you think about adding an image to your blog, make sure it is highly relevant to the content you're uploading. If you already have images matching your text, be sure to add a fitting caption, image alt text and a detailed meta description that allows Google to easily scan through your page. Alt text and descriptions are often overlooked in a blog with supporting images, but if you want your website to really stand out, start by editing and filling out these elements.

Use Long Tail Target Keywords and Semantic Keywords

You now know that your site will rank higher if it is updated often, and editing your blogs is the easiest way to do so, but what else can you optimize in your content as part of your SEO strategy? The target keywords.

Targeting the right keywords is so important that we consider this as one of the primary steps for optimising your on page SEO score. Whether they are long tail or semantic, keywords are the building blocks to your on-page SEO.

Need help to understand what keywords are best for your blog articles? The SEO marketing experts at MacZin can help.

Giving Google pages to index

As mentioned in the point above, you want to give Google new content and pages to index on a regular basis. Blogging is the simplest way to put fresh content on your site, and this fresh content makes you attractive to Google. When you regularly have pages for Google to index, you will be put higher in the rankings and therefore should see more traffic.

If you're not blogging, you're missing out on a powerful SEO boost

The idea of editing your existing blogs might seem overwhelming to start with, but it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your SEO results. You don't need to alter the complete content of your website, but just ensure that it is relevant and valuable enough to catch the attention of search engines and readers.

Looking to outsource your blog editing and optimisation tasks? Here at MacZin Digital Marketing, we're the SEO experts and will gladly take your marketing and SEO off your hands.

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